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We are now in The Great Reopening and some people will be taking off their masks.  But virus's have not gone away, you know.  This free weight loss programme will explain why co-morbidities are still a big factor  in keeping healthy and why losing weight keeps you safe in this new open environment.



Just before we talk about the practical and easy to implement advice that we have to help you lose weight, we feel it is our responsibility to make you aware of the alarming medical facts that link overweight and obesity as a major risk factor for poor outcome if you have contracted Covid 19. 


Module 2: What is a healthy BMI?

Let’s turn our attention to BMI or Body Mass Index to give it its correct name.
Your BMI is an estimated healthy weight for your height.
If you’re 14 stone or 89 kilos and a 6ft tall man, you’re probably a healthy weight, but if you’re the same weight and much shorter than that, like a 5ft tall woman, you’re going to be overweight. 


Module 3: Improving Your Immune System

When your immune system is called into action to fight a virus it creates memory cells and these cells remain in the body holding specific information about each threat the body has been exposed to!
Our immune system has a memory so it can more easily fight the virus the next time it appears.
The Centre for Disease Control reports that obesity, diabetes and excess body fat causes an imbalanced immune system leading to increased risk of bacterial and viral infection.
So if you are overweight, what can you do to improve your immune system?


Module 4: Which is better Fast or Slow weight loss?

What would you prefer:
to lose weight quickly or to lose weight slowly?

Think about it!
The latest clinical research shows that losing weight quickly results in better outcome for both continued compliance with the diet and long-term weight maintenance.

Clinical research presented at the International Congress On Obesity showed that there are four factors that predict successful weight loss: